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Free Shipping This Week On Orders Over $49.99!
5 In 1 Swappable Sunglasses
5 In 1 Swappable Sunglasses
5 In 1 Swappable Sunglasses
5 In 1 Swappable Sunglasses

5 In 1 Swappable Sunglasses

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Experience the convenience of having 5 different sunglasses in just one frame! Tired of constantly swapping sunglasses to find the perfect match for your setup? If so, here's something for you!

Whether you are a fashion junkie, or just eye-protection conscious, our magnetic sunglasses excels in both aesthetics and practicality making it a MUST HAVE for all! They are polarized and blocks reflected light, making them perfect for fishing, golfing, and other activities in the sun while maintaining a sleek and stylish flair!



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  • Vast Style Options -  Enjoy a vast amount of style options to choose from! Whether you're an overdresser or highly conservative in terms of style, you'll never be left out! There will surely be one that will suit your taste! 
  • Multi-Functional - These pair of glasses isn't just for STYLE alone! Each set of glasses comes with one polarized frame, and one with night vision making it an ideal companion for outdoor use!
  • Lightweight and Portable - Take it with you wherever you go! These glasses feature a lightweight base frame and lenses making it easy for you to pack it along with your essentials!
  • Affordable - Enjoy the luxury of having 5 specs in just ONE package! Not only does it promote practicality, but will also save you hundreds of dollars compared to buying one glasses for each color!
  • TR90 Premium Material - The frame is made of TR90 material which is lightweight, extremely flexible yet super strong with 100% memory allowing the frame to bounce back to its original shape.


What Is Included:

  • 1 x Glasses Base Frame
  • 5 x Magnetic Lenses

Common Questions & Answers

  • Do these attach to other glasses? - No, it only works with the base frame provide to which you can attach all the different color lenses.
  • Does it have UV protection? - The clear lens in the base frame does not have UV protection. But the add on magnetic lenses do have UV protection as well.
  • Is it unisex? - Yes it is unisex. Both men and women look cool in these.
  • Do the glasses come with it? Yes we do provide the glasses with it as well.

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